Backdrop Helper Toolkit, an enhanced version of my previous Backdrop Helper tool for Nuke! This new toolkit comes with some fantastic features designed to streamline your workflow:

56 Unique Color Presets with manual color pick options 🎨

One-click fill or border selection, Add label text and adjust its size, Easily adjust the size of the backdrop


This gizmo gives you 31 practical camera shake presets I created from the ActionVFX FREE – Camera Shake Presets pack.
It provides artists a powerful and versatile way to add realistic camera shakes to their projects.


This tool enhances efficiency and organization in the VFX workflow. By automating these tasks, the tool streamlines the process of creating organized backdrops, helping VFX artists focus more on their creative work and less on manual setup.


This tool simplifies tasks such as automatically generating v000 scripts based on shot names, creating essential folders, and adjusting project settings seamlessly. Utilizing the write_helper gizmo I developed facilitates rendering with minimal input required. Furthermore, my TechCHECK Helper Tools offer QC solutions for added convenience. I’m excited to share this resource with the community, confident it will enhance efficiency and productivity for home-based projects. A Free Pipeline tools for INDE Artist.


TECH CHECK HELPER is a simple tool for artists. It helps artists check the final composite quality against the main plate. Using this tool, you can easily check plate vs composite, saturation, grain, and perform pixel checks for NaN (Not a Number) and infinity pixels.


It creates three Shuffle nodes and connects them to the currently selected node. Each Shuffle node is set to shuffle a specific color channel (red, green, or blue) and is labeled with the corresponding color. The position and color of each node are also adjusted within the function. The purpose of the script is to provide a quick and easy way to split an image into its color channels for further compositing.