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I ‘ve been working in the VFX industry professionally since early 2017, and before that as a hobby since the early 2013s.

The fascination for Animation and Visual Effects first grew inside me at an early age. Back then I was totally unaware of the process and techniques used in this industry.I started to dig deeper and soon I realized that the science behind every artistic work also attracts me. I found a course offered by Cycore Studios on VFX training here in Bangladesh and didn’t miss out the opportunity to complete the course.

 I also took the course on Animation led by the same institution. After a successful completion of the courses I came to learn that I’ve just started creating little footprints in this huge world of CG industry.Later, the institution offered me a job as a VFX artist as I performed pretty well on the objectives they had set during the course. Working with Cycore Studios was an amazing journey and it actually shaped my career objective.

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