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Welcome to our online mentorship program, where you’ll learn the art of creating stunning visual effects that captivate audiences. Our program is designed to help you master the techniques and tools used by professional VFX artists in the industry.

Over the course of 16 classes, which will be held on Saturdays and Sundays for 1-1.5 hours per class, you’ll dive deep into the world of VFX. You’ll start by learning about the history of VFX and how it has evolved over the years. From there, you’ll move on to the fundamentals of compositing, rotoscoping, tracking, and keying.

We’ll teach you how to create seamless shots by mastering the art of rotoscoping and creating clean mattes for compositing. You’ll also learn how to track objects and cameras in a scene, in both 2D and 2.5D space. We’ll show you how to remove unwanted elements from your footage using cleanup and wire removal techniques, and how to replace the background of your footage with stunning VFX elements using green screen keying.

Our program will also cover matchmoving, a technique used to track the movement of a camera in live-action footage and replicate it in 3D software to add CG elements seamlessly. You’ll learn how to integrate CGI elements into live-action footage to create stunning VFX shots, and how to create multi-pass CG compositing for even more complex shots.

We’ll also cover digital color theory and advanced cleanup techniques, such as adding reflections or creating a clean plate for compositing. Finally, you’ll get hands-on experience with live-action VFX and learn tips and tricks from experienced professionals in the field.

Our online mentorship program is limited to only 10-12 students, so register as soon as possible to secure your spot. By the end of the program, you’ll have the skills and knowledge to create stunning VFX shots that transport audiences to new and exciting worlds.

What we will Cover
 • VFX History 
 • Fundamental of Compositing
 • Rotoscoping 
• Tracking 2d, 2.5d
 • Cleanup & Wire Removing 
• Green Screen Keying 
• Matchmoving
 • Digital Color Theory 
 • Advance Cleanup
 • Live Acation VFX 
• Multi-Pass CG Compositing
 • Tips and Tricks  
Course Fee : 20K
Total class : 16
Weekly Class : sat and Sun day
Class Duration: 1-1.5 hr per class