How can I search for a company’s website to apply for a job in VFX?

As a recent graduate or junior VFX artist, it can be challenging to find new opportunities. However, the good news is that our VFX industry is no longer limited to a specific country. Anyone can work remotely from one country to another. Additionally, many VFX studios offer visa offers to those who meet the skill requirements.

Now, the question is, how can we find the websites of studios all over the world? The following two links may help you in this regard:


List of All VFX Companies with links to their website, career page, imdb, glassdoor and indeed. With our current data there are 600 VFX Studios in All Countries, The estimated number of people working within those studios is between 32,800 and 122,199.

Many VFX studios post their job openings on their company websites. You can find a list of VFX studios by using this website. Once you have identified the companies you are interested in, check their websites for job postings.

2. Animation/VFX/Game Job posting Google Sheets:

3. also you can read this article by

Good luck!

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